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Omnichannel Approach:

Digital Marketing is moving into Omnichannel approach and if you don’t optimise all of the channels, your business will not compete with the competition.

What is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel is a cross-channel content strategy that organizations use to improve their user experience. Omnichannel supersedes multichannel and includes channels such as physical locations, ecommerce, mobile applications, and social media.

Omnichannel is a multi-channel approach to marketing, selling, and servicing customers to create an integrated and cohesive customer experience.

A client can be shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone, or physically in a store, and the experience should be seamless.

Intergration is the key between the various platforms, from mobile marketing, social media campaigns, and your website.

The multi-channel experience is what most businesses require, from a website, blog, Facebook, and Instagram. Each of these platforms is used to engage and connect with customers. Using the Omnichannel approach will account for each platform and device a customer will use to interact with the business delivering an integrated experience that is seamless.

meetings the geeks

geeks, web design, facebook, social mediaMeet the facebook Geeks!

A few months ago I had a meeting in Cape Town to collaborate with some Geeks about using facebook for a few client promotions.

We arranged to meet at a small coffee shop in Long Street, where I drove around for some time trying to find parking, and eventually managed to squeeze into a parking bay that had just been vacated. I dashed into the bistro where we were meeting for coffee. Suddenly a guy scooted up to me on a skateboard, kicked the back end of the skate board, which flipped up into his left hand while he shook my right and said ‘Zelda right?’

I laughed,  as this was a first to be meeting with a guy in baggies, a cap turned backward, and a skateboard. During our meeting I had to admit he was fascinating, the Geek talk tumbled out of his mouth, half of it I couldn’t understand myself.

Eventually, completing our meeting, with a few explanations regarding most of the jargon that I couldn’t understand, I said I needed to mull over some of what we had discussed. We parted ways, he skated off into the blue yonder, and I was presented with a R68 parking ticket from the attendant for two hours. How times have changed!!!!!