Mobile Friendly Responsive

Mobile Friendly & Responsive WordPress Web Design

Mobile Friendly web design is HERE . . .

Statistics prove that mobile devices are used to search as much as desktop in some cases. With enhanced WI-FI access in most cafes, airports and hotels, it means that if your site is not mobile friendly, (Responsive,) you most likely will lose a potential client.  Users are frequently in touch through their mobile device, using Social Media, Browsing the Internet, Opening Emails and even using Google Maps to find their way.

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Affordable WordPress Websites

Affordable Website Design

I’ve seen website design offered for as little as R1500 including hosting.

Don’t sell yourself short. Affordable website design might not attract the visitors to your website. Cheap website design does not mean that you’ll get the business. SEO is an integral part of your Web Site requirements, or you will not get the traffic!
We design a front page, about your business, and a product/service page about what you sell, and if you have any promotions, and a contact page.  Find our more about why SEO as it is important . . .


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