Training for Adwords, WordPress, SEO
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Training Courses Dates Fee Discounted

WordPress (1 Day )
Beginners Course

28th August 2018



SEO  (1 Day )
Beginners Course

29th August 2018



Google Adwords (2 Days)

30th & 31st August 2018



Facebook (1 Day )
Beginners Course




Adwords, WordPress & SEO Training Courses

Wilson Consulting has extensive experience in the Digital Marketing industry. We have selected a superb venue for training, with all the amenities and it’s on a country Golf Estate close to Cape Town. Our Training Courses range from Google Adwords, WordPress, & SEO. Develop your target market quickly by encouraging traffic to your website.

SEO and Adwords Business Benefits:

  • Learn how to generate targeted traffic to your website, converting leads to sales.
  • Learn Cost Effective Advertising Campaigns
  • Our Training includes Adwords Search, Google Content Network (GDN), Youtube, Google Maps, Google Business, SEO business, and directories.
  • Training service includes preparing for Google Adwords fundamentals, & Advanced.
  • Training by Largo Brink (Adwords/PPC) with 13 years experience, and Zelda Wilson with 11 years SEO and WordPress Web Design experience.
  • Drive your business and sign up now!

Call: 084 553 4843

Includes Lunch, snacks, and interactive training! 

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