PHP 8 upgrades enforced by ISPs have caused havoc with websites that are not regularly maintained. We offer to do an assessment of your website to determine how we can help you to get your website up and running.

PHP is a scripting language used by quite a number of ISPs. WordPress websites require PHP to run. There have been more regular updates over the last few years to improve the security. The most recent has been the upgrade to PHP 8. Due to website software not always being updated, the PHP upgrades have not been compatible with website software, leaving a number of client websites broken and not accessible.

Once these PHP upgrades have been implemented, the older versions are deprecated and are no longer supported and will become a risk to your website and hosting. There is no alternative but to ensure the website software is upgraded.

Newer versions of PHP are intended to offer improved security, the intension is to thwart hacker attempts on ISPs and websites.  However, these upgrades affect website software that have not been upgraded. 

Incompatibility issues can be caused by a number of issues, typically Themes that are our of date or plugins that are no longer supported.

The good news is the newer versions of PHP are much faster than older versions due to it’s more efficient use of memory and execution times as well as more preventative measures for hackers.