What is SEO?
Web Design and SEO – Without it, you might as well not have a Web Site!

what is seo, seo, search engine optimisationWeb Design and SEO is crucial to a websites recognition on the internet, and without it you are simply wasting your time with a website as it’s basically invisible to browsers/search engines. Many clients ask ‘What is SEO?’  SEO is a means to be found on the internet by users and search engines, and ensuring that your content is about what it’s supposed to be.

An important aspect of SEO is making your website easy for both users and search engines to understand. Search Engines are sophisticated, but unless SEO is added to the web page, image and keywords, the Search Engine will not understand what it’s about, particularly if there are a lot of images on the website. SEO helps the search engines to understand if the page is relevant, from content, to keywords, to the alt text used on the images. This is all done behind the scenes, and is not visible upfront. There are many other aspects to this too, but these are a trade secret for SEO businesses.

What is SEO, do I need it?

SEO encompasses a number of basic principles that should be applied to a website to ensure visibility in Browsers, and yes, you do need it.

TIP: Any image inserted into a web page, must have the Title Name on Hover, and Alt Text that is relevant to the page content, as search engines cannot read an image, this includes that the content on your website must have the proper structure relating to your content as it is essential to Search Engine Optimisation. I have come across many sites, when i have been requested to do a site audit, that overlooks the basic SEO principles.