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Whilst building a few websites requiring Tripadvisor Widgets, I experienced some problems, where the page load was very slow, and this of course was showing up in Google Analytics.

Having gone through the website with a fine tooth comb, I reviewed all the plugins that were being used, and checked all images, resizing where necessary to smaller images, the page load was still extremely slow, especially by GTmetrix standards, displaying that the Page Load was in the RED, as a minus 43, I was extremely concerned!

Then I noticed when the web pages were loading, that the Tripadvisor Widgets were being requested from their website.  I researched the Internet and found articles relating to the Tripadvisor Widget causing slow page loads.

See below:
javascript – Tripadvisor widget fails to load on ajax page …

A Reveiw from…/tripadvisorwidget-fails-to-load-on-ajax-page-load…
Oct 29, 2013 – I am trying to add a Tripadvisor widget (rave) to my page which is loaded via Ajax. … Invoke the tripavisor script just once and load the widget inside an hidden html element on ….

TripAdvisor Widgets – Do You Really Want One? 

I used thretripadvisor widgetse of the HTML Widget Code in the footer area, as supplied by Tripadvisor. One was the Tripadvisor live reviews, and the other two were 2016 Excellence Award, and Tripadvisor button Reviews.

I removed the HTML code from the latter two, and copied the image only from the website. Uploaded and added with an ‘Image Widget’.

The page load went from -43 to +81% with the GTmetrix test!