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Due to COVID-19, we are offering online courses with Zoom or Skype.

There is so much hype about what kind of web service you should be getting for your investment, and how does it fit in with your advertising campaign.

One of them is SEO & Google Ads, but let’s face it, what does this mean to you. It’s just another buzz word, geek talk that means nothing to the uninitiated, and how exactly is this going to help you with your advertising campaign. Well, it’s a start to how your website is viewed with the use of appropriate keywords associated with your marketing campaign. We offer Online SEO Courses via Skype or Zoom and SEO Training at facilities just outside of Cape Town.

Wilson Consulting Web Design Services uses your advertising campaign to research keywords that are appropriate when clients are browsing the Internet. It’s like a sign post that tells people how to find your web site when they browse in Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and many other search engine browsers. If keywords are overlooked, then you might as well not have bothered to set up a web site. It’s as bad as having a map of South Africa and not being able to find the location your driving to listed anywhere on the map.

Online SEO Training Course and Course Overview: Cost: R5500 

Your website needs Search Engine Optimisation  (SEO) in order to ensure you move up on Google’s pages. We offer Online SEO Training and Offsite in Cape Town to prospects that would like to improve their position on browsers.

What is SEO? (Overview of the importance of SEO to your Website)

  • Preparing SEO for your Keyword Content
  • Using backlinks, deep links on pages of your website
  • Using Google Business Page and Analytics for SEO
  • Determining the Keywords to use in your Content, Meta Description, and Title
  • Ongoing SEO on your Website, business and SEO directories
  • Benefits of using Social Media Platforms

Who should attend our Training Courses?

  • Web Designers
  • Marketing Departments
  • Anyone looking for a Career in Web Design & SEO

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