Mobile Friendly Web Sites, insights You Need to Know About ‘MobileGeddon’

Is it important for companies to ensure that their applications are mobile friendly, especially as Google is implementing app indexing as it’s ranking signal for search results.

Mobile Friendly, Web DesignQuestions you should ask your web developer about Mobile Friendly Web Sites:

Q: Do mobile friendly apps make sense for my business?
A: Absolutely
Q: Has your website already been updated?
A: If yes, then Excellent, you’re keeping abreast of the technology requirements to stay ahead!
A: If no, you seriously need to ask why not.
Q: If no, what steps is your developer making to implement a Mobile Friendly Strategy?

Google’s announced in May 2015 indicated that search volumes have increased significantly on Mobile devices, much more than on desktop computers.

What does this mean?

Mobile calls are the most common action that prospects take after a mobile search, it is imperative that landing pages are optimized with click-to-call and email capabilities.

A great test to do is visit this Google link,
Then copy and past your web site URL pages, and Google will give you a result. Cool Hey!

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